When I met Matt for the first time I came away knowing that this journey was going to be a fun and creative. Being a keen photographer himself, Matt wanted to make sure that I was on the same page as him in all his ideas. 
Meeting Matt and Bec for the second time I went over my vision and plan for their wedding day and they gave me those three words that all photographers want to hear ” do your thing “.
Matt and Bec are a couple who have been put together by God to conquer the world and help people. It’s that simple. Seeing them surrounded by friends and family, I could see that they are respected and admired by all who know them. 

Special thanks to Amy Womersley. 

Here are some of my favourite Images from the wedding day. Head over to my wedding page to see more. 

MUA: Make you Blush MUA

Love the warmth in this picture. 
I want to dance like this. 
The DAB 
 A lady after my own heart. Tea is vital. 
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