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Bespoke Bride Wedding Fair | Arundel Hills Country Club | Gold Coast 

I had the pleasure of photographing for Bespoke Bride wedding fair on the Gold Coast. It was held at Arundel hills country club on a very hot afternoon. I met a few vendors at the wedding fair, lots of talented people out there with much to offer, on your wedding day. Head over to Bespoke Bride and find out more about the next event coming near you.  

Bride + Groom:Do it your way

One of the things I have realised when photographing weddings is seeing that when the lovely bridal couple do the day their way, the day always flows better. 

If you want to have your dog walk the rings down the aisle, then do it. If you want a clown to juggle for entertainment whilst the guests wait for the bride to arrive, then go for it. The point is, have want you want on your wedding day. Don’t worry about the opinions of others, this is your special day and it is all about what the both of you want that matters. You get to create the memories.

Avoid the ‘I wish we did it the way we wanted to…’ after the wedding and hold fast to your dream day. 

Matt + Bek  23/07/2016

When I met Matt for the first time I came away knowing that this journey was going to be a fun and creative. Being a keen photographer himself, Matt wanted to make sure that I was on the same page as him in all his ideas. 
Meeting Matt and Bec for the second time I went over my vision and plan for their wedding day and they gave me those three words that all photographers want to hear ” do your thing “.
Matt and Bec are a couple who have been put together by God to conquer the world and help people. It’s that simple. Seeing them surrounded by friends and family, I could see that they are respected and admired by all who know them. 

Special thanks to Amy Womersley. 

Here are some of my favourite Images from the wedding day. Head over to my wedding page to see more. 

MUA: Make you Blush MUA

Love the warmth in this picture. 
I want to dance like this. 
The DAB 
 A lady after my own heart. Tea is vital. 

Roly + Gemma 09/07/16

Being a wedding photographer, one of the key elements I enjoy is the honour of being asked to be a part of the Bride and Groom’s wedding day. Roly and Gemma had an amazing support network of family and friends. Throughout the day everybody came together to make their day memoriable. When I first met with Roly and Gemma and was asked to be their wedding photographer, the one photo they requested was a romantic sunset shot up on Tamborine Mt, but I wanted to give them something more; to capture the beauty of this landscape with them. They had blessed me with the freedom to use my creativity and vision. It was a pleasure to witness this couple tie the knot.

Here are some of my favourite Images from the day. Head over to my wedding page to see all. . 


Engagement, Mount Tamborine 9/7/16

If you recognise this couple please get in touch. On The 9/7/16 these two lovely people got engaged at Mount Tamborine, I was up there photographing a wedding and offered to take this picture for them. I would like to reunite this picture with them for sentimental reasons. 

“You have an eye for photography”

When I started out in photography I was told that I have an eye for it. Now I know that I am not the only person to hear this, but I wanted to try and explore this meaning literally for myself. 
Now I didn’t know how or which way I should explore this, but I literally went with my eye.
Recently in my exploration of photography I have been focusing on looking up and seeing what I can photograph. When walking or driving past something that my eye see’s I have decided to always capture it, whether it’s on my camera or phone. I have found over time that I am narrowing and training my eye creatively in this area by looking up. In the future at some point I know I will try to look down, but as a wedding photographer this exploration by looking up has definitely helped me in using these angle’s for wedding photography and landscapes.   

Yard Family Dinner Party, Gold Coast

These two Australian sisters have an amazing talent for organizing party’s as well as designing luxury blanket’s. This shoot was a collaboration of Yard Family & Picnic Perfection . Hosted by the Yard Family for a small gathering of close friends on the Gold Coast, The setting, the food and atmosphere was enjoyed by all. Happy to photograph and nibble the fine dining. 

The Rotary Chapel , Gold Coast

This week I got the opportunity to photograph for the The Rotary Club. They have just opened this chapel on the broadwater which was moved from the old Gold Coast hospital. This chapel was rescued and is going to help sponsor other community projects. So please help by booking your wedding or event. Next to this chapel is also a brand new building to hold a reception or party.
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