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Bodan and Jess had a private and small garden wedding for their special day. Offered to them by a close family friend, these two young lovebirds tied the knot on a very wet and rainy day. The rain stopped as Jess arrived and we started with a dress reveal followed by a  pre-ceremony shoot. After an emotional ceremony, the rain fell and the guests headed for shelter undercover to drink, eat and celebrate the night away.

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Choosing a prep venue for you bridal party, family and your vendors is very tricky. Here are some tips on choosing a prep venue

  • Try AIR BNB
  • Ask a famiy friend 
  • Hotel’s are great but how much space and light do you have?
  • Try getting a house (Plenty on the Gold Coast) 
  • How many car park spaces?
  • Try getting the same venue for the whole day if you can.
  • Make sure that both bride and groom are close together
  • Ask previous brides for advice
  • Big windows are a good sign

HOW TO CHOOSE your bridal party? | Gold Coast

Choosing a bridal party can be hard. I have seen them all, from the selfish ones,  to the funny and awesome. Below are some tips on what you are looking for? 

  • Choose a funny person
  • Choose a kind + selfless person
  • Choose a person that always has your back
  • Don’t choose a person that makes you unhappy
  • Don’t give away a bridal spot just because they are FAMILY!
  • Don’t choose a high school friend that you haven’t see in 4 years 
  • Choose people that have been involved in your relationship
  • Choose a person that is willing to help
  • Choose a person that you can delegate jobs to 
  • Choose that person that can’t be trusted but brings character! Yep!
  • If you get a sign of ” it’s about me” , cut them from the team

Patrick + Lisa | Wedding | Sweeney Reserve | Petrie | Queensland

Patrick and Lisa had a small and intimate wedding ceremony at Sweeney Reserve in Petrie. Joined by family and friends,  this hidden gem made for a great backdrop to witness the marriage of  these two lovebirds. Patrick arrived in his beloved BMW, this was something with which he has invested a lot of time restoring her. As a photographer, Sweeney Reserve is a beautiful place to capture a wedding. As the sun set on this beautiful spring day, we headed to North Leagues Club where the night started with some delicious food followed by a table of lollies and of course, the wedding cake. Guest’s  participated with enthusiasm in the shoe game, enjoyed both moving and hilarious speeches. The rest of the night was for the  bride and Groom to dance the night away! 

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Jackson + Cassie | Wedding | Parkwood Weddings | Gold Coast | Queensland

First thing in the morning, I ventured off to the new Southport Meriton suites to begin with Jackson’s prep shoot. 

His best man had accidentally bought the wrong coloured trousers, so stood out that little bit more compared to the rest of the groomsmen. However, this stuff happens (very often) and in good cheer the Groom laughed it off. The view from the suite was absolutely stunning and definitely worth using for any wedding preparation. 

Cass and her girls were down the road at Marine Parade. Here they were staying in a beautiful penthouse which overlooked the ocean. There were no dramas to start her day off, everything ran smoothly.

The ceremony and reception was held at Parkwood Village. Friends and family gathered to witness Jackson and Cast say I do – their chocolate Labrador, however, was asked to stay home (he was bribed with treats). Their reception held some cracking speeches – the bestman nailed it!! – and some filling food. As the day drew to a close, these two performed a beautiful first dance, which was followed by both the garter and bouquet toss. Everyone then hit the dance floor to let loose. It was quite a wedding!

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Benny + Chloe | Wedding | Fig Tree Restaurant | Byron Bay | New South Wales

All aboard the Magic bus! What a fun and entertaining day for Benny and Chloe. These two tied the knot a Fig Tree Restaurant down in the picturesque Byron. Friends arrived  by the big red bus ( Magic and bus co) and watched on as these two popular love birds said I do. Later on in the day, these two announced a baby boy is on the way. What an atmosphere and crazy celebrations. What a wedding day!

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Motherhood | Gold Coast | Queensland

I love the simplicity of photography . I went for a picnic with the family and the weather became cooler and windy. My wife decided to cover my daughter with her cardigan, my camera was with me in the hope that I could capture something and this was it. So beautiful motherhood.  
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