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Thank you for stopping by, I hope you’re both well and your wedding planning thus far has gone smooth!

So, the wedding date has been set and you’ve emailed me to find out more information about my packages, but furthermore to decide if I am the right photographer for you.

Reading wedding magazines has somewhat overwhelmed you and to be honest, I don’t blame you; all you want is to keep your special day stress-free and get married! 

Let’s start by finding out a little about you… you’re perhaps a little shy, somewhat unorganised and can’t wait to get the ceremony out of the way (so you can then party with your friends and family!). You have a keen eye for creative details, know how you want your wedding to look and feel and most importantly want to capture the memories on camera so they last a lifetime. You are both very kind hearted and nerves can sometimes get the better of you. That’s okay, this sounds familiar, many of the couples I photograph are in this pattern. Feeling shy because the spotlight will be on them (though others live for that moment! 🙂 A little unorganised because life is busy and there is no escaping that.

In your email you’ve mentioned that ‘you don’t like posed pictures and can feel somewhat uncomfortable in front of the lens’ (my wife is the queen of that statement!) My calming, fun personality will help here. I ensure that you are relaxed and comfortable in front of the lens whilst I capture the true spirit of your relationship. When it comes to family drama, don’t worry! I can help navigate the day to ensure you have the memories youwant for all the right reasons.

The most common question I get asked from the mother-of-the-brides is, ‘how long will it take to receive the images and how will my daughter receive them?’ 
My process takes 8 weeks and I upload them all on a USB. In the past I have found that computers get wiped  and couples sometimes lose images – which is why I want you to have the most sensible and safe option to keep your memories safe. 

And finally, your bestie emails on your behalf and wants to know a little about me? I’m married with a young daughter. Life for me revolves around family and photography. I have an easy going, fun and generous personality. I love romance. 

Hope to hear from you, 


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